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When you're looking to Lease your property or rent a home, you want to know that you're in the best of hands. With more than three decades of experience, we can proudly say we've learned a thing or two about real estate – and that knowledge helps you.

​Please see our experience of Knowledge and industry experience of 10 years, in the Northern Territory from the main menu "Our Experience"

Ethical Practice
We ensure that we demonstrate ethical practice;
Ethical practices are following the relevant industry codes and maintaining relevant records of legislation and industry codes to do all possible to ensure the best interests of the  clients, customers and staff.

Factual information and the input of this information to any office system should be accurate and considerate of all relevant Laws. 

Industry Codes of conduct of which we comply;

The Rules of Conduct
General Rules of Conduct
Principle of Conduct

Professional integrity is of the up most of importance when dealing with Property Owners and Tenants. Their livelihoods can depend on our professional standards.

These ethical standards apply to AcquireNT Real Estate staff and Directors. Consumers rely on our ethical integrity in all transactions and interactions.

These ethical standards should apply to all persons you meet in general on a personal and professional level.

“Integrity is doing the right this when no one is looking ”

It is our opinion that good ethical standards is attempting to ensure a transaction is delivered with a win win scenario for all parties involved. That fairness and respect is shown to each individual within the transaction. That needs are meet through good communication and listening skills.

Further more, is the integrity of each Agent  themselves to be acting in respect of goodness and badness in an ethical manner in order for the correct justice to prevail in all circumstances to the very best of their ability.

Each Individual at AcquireNT Real Estate Pty Ltd is aware of their responsibilities to uphold these standards with demonstrated ability to have overcome many situations in the Northern Territory Real Estate Industry to show no bais, no bad motive other than following a clean and ethical path for a good outcome to all.  

As Northern Territory Real Estate Agents we are bound by ethical rules, legislation, common law and the Law of Equity as Real Estate Practitioners.